What to Expect


Scheduling an Appointment

As a valued customer of Ace Carpet Cleaning LLC, your satisfaction is our #1 priority! Starting with the first phone call, whether you are booking right away, need a quote, or information I am happy to answer any questions. I do my best to give an accurate quote based from the information given to me over the phone. 


Upon arrival, I walk with the customer through the job site. The reason for this is twofold. One is to be certain of the areas to be cleaned and the other is a chance to inspect the carpet for any pre-existing damage or problem areas i.e. (stains, pet urine, or just some general areas of concern from the customer). Due to the process of removing pet stains, odor, Kool aide or Ink there are additional charges depending on the size and number of areas to be treated. However, if there are additional charges, the customer is always made aware so you may decide if you wish to proceed with the additional service.

Preparing the Rooms

I ask that the customer prepare the room or rooms by picking up prior to arrival if possible. (things like shoes, papers, and clothes) If you would like any furniture moved I ask that you clear any breakable items off of it. Additional charges may apply depending on quantity of furniture to be moved. I DO NOT move pianos, china cabinets, entertainment centers, or fish tanks. 


Cleaning is enabled by a Truck mounted steam cleaning system. The unit is very powerful and efficient. It is capable of producing steam up to 250 degrees and anywhere from 300 psi for delicate fabrics to over 1000 psi for tile and grout. I start by pre-treating the carpet for any spots or heavily soiled areas. 

Cleaning the Carpet

Once the carpet has been pre-treated to loosen the dirt, oil, and grease; the hoses are laid out to the farthest part of the home where I begin cleaning and work myself out. 

After the Cleaning

After cleaning the carpet I would apply any deodorizer or protectant followed by grooming the carpet should the customer elect for these additional services. Customer should expect the carpet to dry in approximately 2-4 hours. 

Finally, the customer is presented with a receipt for services and payment is accepted by either cash, check, or card.